constant + baubling

Lotus Leaf Earrings - gold brass leaves on locking kidney style ear wires - frog pond lily pad lilypad ear wear

18 USD
{ D e s c r i p t i o n }

> raw non-plated brass lotus leaves / lily pads
> gold plated brass "locking" kidney wire ear hooks
> very lightweight; beautiful curvy 3D detail and veining
> 1.5 inch {39mm} length

{ C a r e  &  C l e a n i n g }

Please do not wear while sleeping, swimming, bathing, exercising, rough play with kids/pets, etc. Clean by polishing with a soft dry cloth after each use. To keep your Constant Baubling jewelry looking its best, avoid contact with any moisture, liquids, oils, perfumes, lotions, hairsprays, etc. and store in a dry cool environment.